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Microelectronics Design and Verification Engineering Services

Abu Kharmeh Consulting is a company providing engineering services in Microelectronics Design and Verification. Abu Kharmeh specialises in digital design and verification of microelectronic systems using state of the art methodologies at the RTL level including Verilog, VHDL and SystemVerilog. It has been involved in a number of industrial and academic projects at renowned institutions. See the portfolio and members sections for more details.

ASIC Digital Design Consulting

Ericsson (Stockholm/Sweden - 2019)

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Digital Design and Verification Consulting

Intel Austria GmbH (Villach/Austria - 2016)

  • Implementation of 10G EPON Physical Coding Sublayer data path in VHDL
  • Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis (STA) using Intel Quartus
  • Performance optimization for mapping on FPGA for 10.3125Gbps traffic
  • Assertion based verification in VHDL
  • System modelling and verification in Verilog, SystemVerilog and UVM

Digital Design Verification Consulting

Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH (Dusseldorf/Germany - 2016)

  • Abstract specification of testbench architectures
  • Setting up mixed environments and testbenches (SVM, VMM and UVM)
  • Integration of VMM Verification IP into the verification flow
  • Implementation of test cases and functional covergroups in SystemVerilog

Digital Design and Verification Consulting

Intel Mobile and Communications GmbH (Dresden/Germany - 2014)

  • Setting up environment for power aware verification
  • Implementation and verification of design requirements in VHDL
  • Power aware methodology analysis and update of implementation accordingly
  • Using Synopsys Low Power Tools (VCS-NLP, DVE, Verdi)

Digital Design Verification Consulting

ST Microelectronics (Grenoble/France - 2012)

  • Specification of verification test-plan at sub-system level
  • Identification and addressing verification tools flow issues
  • Implementing low power verification API and test-plan
  • Debugging low-power tests using Synopsys tools (VCS-NLP)


Suleiman Abu Kharmeh

PhD, Computer Architecture

Suleiman has a PhD in Computer Architecture. He is currently working on a project with Ericsson in Stockholm/Sweden. He has also recently worked on projects with Intel Labs Europe (ILE) in Villach/Austria, NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH in Hamburg/Germany, Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH in Dusseldorf/Germany, Intel Mobile Communications Group in Dresden/Germany and STMicroelectronics in Grenoble/France. Currently he focuses on the specification, design and implementation of complex digital systems at the subsystem/IP integration level. Implementation is performed in VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and UPF. Tools used are mainly NCSIM, VCS, DC, Spyglass and Quartus. During his PhD, he was part of the Microelectronics Research Group. The focus during his PhD was on formalising the complexity and scalability of a communication driven computer architecture for model-checking purposes. In addition to being the founder and director of Abu Kharmeh Consulting Limited, he is also continuing his research in the field of formal hardware design and complexity analysis. Read More ...

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